Eid Renewal – Zakat and Investing for Good

Ramadan has always been a unique time of reflection, as well as truly spirited giving. This year was no different, with donations totalling £3 million channelled to the National Zakat Foundation alone during the Ramadan period, which NZF estimates will help over 11,500 people. Zakat and Modern Investing Technology has given us numerous opportunities to invest our money, as well as store it safely in different types of bank account. However, with this choice has come more complexity when assessing your assets for Zakat, particularly when it comes to investments such as Real Estate. Thankfully, NZF teamed up with IFG … Continue reading Eid Renewal – Zakat and Investing for Good

Yielders’ Secondary Market Explained

As a number of our investors have noticed, Yielders has recently experienced a rapid sell-out of its assets. We have experienced significantly more demand than we had planned for during Q1, meaning that any new properties that we released sold out incredibly quickly (our latest, Cohort H, filled up in less than a day!). In response to this strong demand from our investors, the investments team is working at full tilt to acquire assets as quickly as possible, while maintaining our careful due diligence standards throughout the process. While we work to provide as seamless a user experience as possible, … Continue reading Yielders’ Secondary Market Explained