UK Fintech and Economic Recovery

The Government has this week kicked off its ‘Independent Strategic Review of UK Fintech’, indicating a show of support to a sector which has displayed strong performance on the global stage over the past few years. Led by Ron Khalifa OBE, former Chief Executive Officer of payments provider Worldpay, the review seeks to identify new growth areas across regulation, industry and policy to best support what is quickly becoming one of the UK’s flagship industries. The review has been seen by some as a show of faith in an industry which has real potential to underpin an economic recovery in … Continue reading UK Fintech and Economic Recovery

UK Property Market – July 2020 Update

UK Property Market – July 2020 Update Halifax House Price Index – June 2020[1] Average Price Monthly Change Quarterly Change Annual Change £237,616 -0.1% -0.9% 2.5% The Data June saw a 0.1% decrease in house prices from May, marking the fourth consecutive month of falling house prices. Moreover, the index measured prices as have lost just under 1% of their value during Q2 (i.e. April, May and June). While this is similar to house price movement seen at the peak of the financial crisis, the annual change shows that house prices are still 2.5% above their level this time last … Continue reading UK Property Market – July 2020 Update

Mini-Budget 2020: Benefits and Risks for the UK Economy

This week’s blog looks at the newest round of measures taken by the government to try to mitigate the economic damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Around £125bn in stimulus has already been deployed, significantly boosting the UK’s national debt but providing much-needed funding in select areas of the macro-economy. The Mini-Budget in Short On Wednesday, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak unveiled the latest round of measures designed to stimulate economic activity and reduce shocks to industry and the labour market. The package, worth £30bn, is keenly focused on a number of specific areas, ultimately showing where the government … Continue reading Mini-Budget 2020: Benefits and Risks for the UK Economy

A Brief Introduction to Islamic Finance and Islamic Fintech

For many, Islamic Fintech is a phrase that doesn’t pop up very often in their day-to-day reading. This article aims to explain the groundings of the industry, as well as how it factors into Yielders’ offering to investors. This article forms part of our weekly blog series, where we aim to bring you interesting and relevant news from across industries such as Real Estate, Economics and Finance. The Groundings of Islamic Finance Islamic Finance is a method of doing business which essentially has groundings in Islamic Law, principles from which have existed for many hundreds of years. Given that the … Continue reading A Brief Introduction to Islamic Finance and Islamic Fintech

Economic Downturn – What Can Be Done to Mitigate the Shock?

There are many things unprecedented about the times we are currently living in. Never before has the government provided such substantial and comprehensive financial support to the British public, nor have we been confined to our homes like this since the Spanish Influenza of 1919. The challenges presented by this pandemic have required drastic and innovative action across areas of policy, planning and engagement. Two areas of policy are particularly crucial at this time, known as fiscal and monetary policy. The government is responsible for fiscal policy, setting the appropriate rates of taxation and spending on different projects. Ultimately, the … Continue reading Economic Downturn – What Can Be Done to Mitigate the Shock?

UK Property Sales in the Time of Covid-19 – The Yielders Perspective

As the lock-down continues, we thought it would be interesting to gain a view on the current state of the UK property market, as well as some interesting potential for innovation in the sector.  Current Market Trends  At the end of April, real estate intelligence company Zoopla published an estimation that £82bn worth of property transactions were on hold due to Coronavirus restrictions.1 The extensive barriers posed by lockdown measures are expected to halve the number of completed property sales for 2020; unsurprising given the many moving parts which govern property transaction.2 The Government also issued specific guidance, advising people in the middle of the … Continue reading UK Property Sales in the Time of Covid-19 – The Yielders Perspective

Zakat and Yielders Investments

A number of users have been in touch to ask about their Zakat commitments on their investments with us now that Ramadan is underway. As always, we are keen to help provide guidance on fulfilling the obligations on your investments with us. This year, we also wanted to talk about the Series A shares on Seedrs, as this is not something we have covered with our investors before. We have broken out specific guidance for each type of share associated with Yielders below. Shares in Retail Assets (2-5 Year Investment Term, Monthly Dividends + Capital Appreciation Share) [Assuming a 3 year term] For retail … Continue reading Zakat and Yielders Investments

Covid-19 and the UK Economy

As a result of the spread of COVID-19, life has changed significantly for everyone over the past few weeks. Across the world, governments have instituted strict curbs on movement in order to halt the spread of the virus, leaving many unable to work. The reality of the situation pervades almost every area of life, and the economy is certainly not isolated, economist unfortunately already predicting a slowdown akin to 2008. It has been, however, heartening to see the response of many who have valiantly stepped in to help the more vulnerable among us in society, especially in the UK where … Continue reading Covid-19 and the UK Economy