Yielders’ Technology: Behind the Scenes

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

A few weeks ago, we released a blog about the end-to-end process of analysing an asset to making it live on the platform. However, we realised that we’ve never talked about the technological magic that underpins the entire Yielders platform. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve been through the signup process or made an investment on the platform. To give you a view, these are some of the ways which our custom, in-house technology enhances and improves your experience:

Development Schedule

Our technology team works to an agile weekly sprint schedule, which means that the efficiency and priority of certain tasks is always being reviewed and acted upon. Not only does this ensure that the technology remains relevant, but it allows Yielders to incorporate user feedback into the website rapidly. Though, of course, some things take a lot longer than a week to implement!


In creating our onboarding process, everything is designed with two outcomes in mind; speed and security. When you upload your user documents onto the website, they are protected by bank-grade security in line with data protection (GDPR) regulation. Moreover, they are checked thoroughly via three separate processes, utilising both human and machine learning capabilities to verify users’ identities to make sure nothing slips through the gaps. This means that, in the majority of cases, we are able to onboard a user in a matter of minutes.

Investment and Fundraising

Once an investment is made live, users can see the uptake of shares change in real time as more investors subscribe to a particular opportunity. The platform also logs a 360 degree view of the investment for the Operations team, allowing us to have the relevant information right at our fingertips for investor relations purposes. The platform also calculates the metrics that investors are able to see on a monthly basis in order to keep track of their investment.

Money Management

Every user is assigned a unique and secure e-wallet, with funds guaranteed up to 100% as per Luxembourgish law, where our payments provider is located. Through what is known as an ‘Application Programming Interface’, Users are able to pay-in to their e-wallet and withdraw funds to their bank accounts at any time, entirely through their Yielders profile. Our platform also automates dividend payments, so the monthly rent which users receive from their investments is transferred at the touch of a button.


The platform itself supports customised, automated communications to investors. Every time an investment is made, or a new user signs up, an automated, personalised email is sent to create a paper trail for the user in question. This saves the Operations team a lot of time when compared to doing it by manually, which we are very thankful for!

User Referrals

The platform is able to generate a unique user referral link for each user as soon as they sign up, meaning that they can get to referring their network almost straight away. This referral link is able to track any investments made by a user’s referred network, meaning that a share of the investment owed is kept track of. For more information about Yielders’ referral program, have a look at our prospectus here.

In short, our Technology Team use their technical expertise to streamline the user experience, while making things much easier for the Operations Team to do their job launching and administering investments. While the interface may seem slick and simple, millions of lines of code sit under the bonnet, painstakingly written by our software engineers. Though they work behind the scenes, our Tech Team plays a crucial role in defining the Yielders experience!

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