An Important Message from Yielders’ CEO
To our valued customers,

The stringent process by which we acquire assets contains a significant number of moving parts, involving many individuals whose jobs are considered by the government to be ‘non-essential’ such as surveyors and estate agents. As a result, acquiring new assets at this time would force us to accept a lower standard of due diligence when screening potential assets for the platform, ultimately impeding our goal of providing assets with realistic and sustainable projections to our user base. With this in mind, I have taken the decision to postpone the listing of any new assets for a minimum of the next two months, subject to review based on government guidance. We will continue to research opportunities but will hold on execution. Obviously this contravenes our mission, yet current conditions warrant this action in order to ensure we can continue to maintain our high standards of performance on behalf of you, our investors. In the meantime, I have instructed the investments team to undertake a review of each SPV, including a thorough stress test of our projections where necessary to reflect possible fluctuations in rental yield. As we informed affected users via email, some of our assets experienced a dividend fluctuation last month as the ongoing lockdown affected some tenants’ ability to pay their rent. As a result, we will also be using this time to give investors a clearer picture of when they can expect their assets to be performing in line with existing rental agreements.

Throughout this period, you can of course expect the same standard of service and support as usual. Existing investors will still continue to receive their dividends on the first day of each month, subject to the tenants’ ability to pay rent. We will also be issuing specific updates for each asset you have invested in, including any changes we make to our projections based on this period. Also, our secondary market will remain fully functional, allowing our users to buy and sell relisted shares as and when they wish. We understand this is probably frustrating news for some, and we really appreciate the ongoing support of Yielders’ investors and their enthusiasm for the next opportunity. We are already looking ahead to the conclusion of this period when we can release some new and exciting assets, and we are focused on restoring our dealflow pipeline as quickly as possible given current circumstances.

Please feel free to reach out to the team via email ( or through the chat function on the website if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Irfan Khan
CEO and Co-founder

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