Yielders’ Secondary Market Explained

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

As a number of our investors have noticed, Yielders has recently experienced a rapid sell-out of its assets. We have experienced significantly more demand than we had planned for during Q1, meaning that any new properties that we released sold out incredibly quickly (our latest, Cohort H, filled up in less than a day!). In response to this strong demand from our investors, the investments team is working at full tilt to acquire assets as quickly as possible, while maintaining our careful due diligence standards throughout the process. While we work to provide as seamless a user experience as possible, there is a lot of work that goes into prepping and executing an asset, involving a stringent checklist, employing skills across finance, law and technology.

While we hope to release our next asset within a matter of weeks, we understand and appreciate the interest shown by our investors over the past few months. For this reason, we wanted to highlight the functionality of our secondary market to our investors. For those looking for a little bit of liquidity, the market is a perfect opportunity to realise this among other investors – our analysts believe that among our user base, demand is particularly strong at the moment. We saw this last month where the market aided the transfer of roughly £12,500 worth of shares, which again ended up selling out within hours!

Secondary-listed shares operate just like newly-listed ones; they are bought at par value, and start accruing rent as soon as they are registered to you. The only difference is that they tend to have a shorter investment term, as someone will have held them for a period of time before purchase – which in some cases can offer a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio. We have also attempted to make the selling process as easy as possible, for a £50 flat-rate fee per asset. This allows us to cover the legal and administrative costs associated with making the transfer to another user, including full HMRC reporting.

While we can never make any guarantees about demand within the secondary market, we have reason to believe that it currently offers a great opportunity for both buyers and sellers of secondary shares at the moment. For those with any questions surrounding the process, please feel free to get in touch with the team via email (team@yielders.co.uk) or through the chat function on the website.

Yielders does not provide any advice in relation to investments and you must rely on your own due diligence before investing. Investments in property and unlisted shares carry risk and you may not receive the anticipated returns and your capital may be at risk.

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